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Singapore - Working VisaSingapore is very attractive to the foreign enterprise; it's been the heaven for skilled workers with higher packages for decades. At the dawn of the global job downturn, more people started working in Singapore as it has been standing strong in the storm more successfully than other major cities such as London or New York. Even with the government's efforts to reduce the number of foreign workers in recent years, there is huge demand for qualified and skilled workers in Singapore. Many  are working there on high wages by paying relatively low taxes and high income. Still, comprehensive employment packages are increasingly reserved for the most senior positions. Now a days, companies are looking for skilled overseas  job seekers who are ready to accept a lucrative salary with free transportation, housing, and educational cost.

Job market in Singapore

Singapore has become the premier banking and finance hub of Southeast Asia. Many international corporations have their headquarters or regional bases there, as both the infrastructure and geographical condition of the country connect the investors with Asia Market easily. It also brings forward the other jobs such as wealth management, financial institutions, and insurance and foreign exchange firms. The country needs skilled migrant for medical sector, transporting, academic field, aerospace-engineering, insurances, services, bio-medic and civil engineering. The job-market of Singapore tells that they are hiring more foreigners. Out of ten employees there will be six non-citizen employees. In 2007 the ratio was 5 foreigners out of 100.  More than Nine lakhs workers have been working from civil jobs to corporate job and other services. Singapore provides a peaceful and welcoming  environment for foreign workers who will be eager to work and stay there. As per the Business Environment Risk Intelligence  Labour Force Ranking , The nation comes on Top of the ranking list for having the best labour force and being the top Asian country for the standard of life. Other reasons that allure other nationals to work in Singapore include  recruitment policies, very low tax and a quality of living and most importantly English-speaking surrounding. Ninety-nine percent of CEOs of corporate firms in the Asiatic zone are more interested in bringing young overseas workers for the longer time growth of industry. The Singapore Human Resources have also stated, the requirement for foreign  workers will be the same throughout the country. According to  the ministry of  Trade & Industry of Singapore , it’s going to be over Thirty Thousand job openings.  Opportunities are always there  when it is about working in Singapore. Related Links: For more information about this, please fill out Free assessment form. One of our consultants will get back to you. For more updates follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Google

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