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download (3)Over the years, tourism of Singapore has increased significantly offering its tourist with an overwhelming vacation along with world-class service. Applying for a tourist visa to enter Singapore is a very smooth process. In order to enjoy, the beautiful tourist attraction in Singapore, one must have tourist visa for Singapore. Visa Application   Applying for Visa in Singapore for tourism purpose involves filling up of online form which is available for free on the official govt website. One can easily download the form and hence start filing it up according to the regulations of the forms. In order to apply for visa, one must ensure that they have some documents ready with them, all the time like confirmed return ticket from Singapore, passport and Singapore visa application. Other regular documents include photographs of the applicant, last 6 months bank statement and cover letter. If someone has an invitation from Singapore official, they should also attach a copy of that invitation letter. A valid passport which should have at least 6 months validity in order to apply for visa application is also required in order to have visa. Entry Requirements for Visa The applicant who is applying for tourist visa must be holding a passport which should have at least six months validity before the arrival in Singapore. Those who wish to apply for a visa through a local resident in Singapore who is a Singapore citizen or a Permanent Resident in possession of a “Singpass” account can also ask them for inviting them in their country. The visa application can be submitted online through one’s local contact in Singapore. After completing the procedures, one can ask their local resident to send them a scanned copy or the original letter through mail, accordingly. Invitation of a local contact guarantees an even faster process. Tips while Visa procedure Just like travelling in other countries, few things should be kept in mind and few documents should always be ready. The set should, essentially include valid travel documents whose validity should be of at least 6 months at the time of arrival in Singapore. Confirmed onward and return tickets are also required. If someone is going to Singapore for the first time, then they should also provide a mini bank statement which has the address and name of the applicant, along with the bank transaction details of last three months. There are no fees for downloading visa application. After confirmation of visa, average fees to pay could be around 2500 INR. Related Links:


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