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Opportunities, for Foreigners in Real Estate Investment in Singapore

Singapore is a place that provides a wide range of business opportunities and employment opportunities to the foreigners. As per the recent survey it is clear that more 19% of the private properties owned by the foreigners. The application for entrepreneur visas is also increasing from time to time in the Singapore embassy. Most of the Entrepreneurs in Singapore are foreigners, and they are continuing their investment practices despite the changes in the taxation system of Singapore.

As per the prevailing system, the nonresidential buyer in the real estate of Singapore should pay a tax of 10% and it is applicable to individuals of developed nations across the globe. Most of the immigrants select Singapore as their place to live because of its highly sophisticated and pleasant environment, friendly work culture, and high range of job opportunities and scope to exploit new and innovative business opportunities. As per the rules stated in the Residential Property Act of Singapore, foreigners can avail property in Singapore on individual terms and conditions. The term foreigners explain that nonresidents of Singapore are able to buy a property but not allowed to obtain rights on residential properties they remain with the nationals of Singapore. The buying power of foreigners in Singapore confines to:

  1. Purchase, an unit in the apartment, or
  2. A unit in the condominium as per the Planning Act, or
  3. A Leasing a property that does not exceed more than 7 years

Foreign immigrants can even own a landed residential property in Singapore through attaining a permit from the concerning department before initiating the purchasing process. In certain cases, the Singapore government considers the foreign immigrant papers through evaluating the consideration laid by the individual for the growth of the country. The encouragement for real estate investment in Singapore is through its financial system because it facilitates in enhancing the economic system of the country.

Singapore banks also provide financial support to the foreign immigrants who are intending to buy a property in Singapore and this amount depends upon the payable capacity of the immigrant. Thus, Singapore is a best option for the foreign immigrants who want to invest in real estate.

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