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How To Migrate To Singapore From India Through Singapore PR?

Migrate to Singapore from IndiaSingapore is the one among the prosperous nations of the world that provides excellent opportunities for the overseas nationals. Every year, a large number of individuals prefer Singapore immigration and applying for Singapore Permanent Resident Visa.

Singapore Immigration:

Amongst the list of world’s top destinations for immigrants, Singapore takes up a rather top place. People allure to migrate to Singapore from India as the country has a stable economic background and is a best place for business and investment. Most of the people choose Singapore Immigration on Singapore Permanent Resident Visa, because as the permanent resident of Singapore, individuals and their family members are free to live, work and purchase property in the country and can be a part of Singapore society.

Migrate to Singapore from India:

India is the developing country and its nationals prefer to Migrate to Singapore from India in order to get first-class local transportations, state sponsored benefits, reasonable cost of living, steady political system and others.

Singapore Permanent Resident Visa:

Singapore Permanent Resident Visa enables overseas individuals to have a privilege to move freely from and to Singapore and need not apply for a work visa every time when the employer gets change. Applicants are also permitted to invest freely and can obtain admission in government universities or educational institution on Singapore Permanent Resident Visa and also get economic benefits from employer pension funds (CPF). Additionally Singapore Permanent Residents can apply for Singapore Permanent Resident Visa for their spouse, children and parents.


  • Must hold an Employment Pass, EntrePass, Personalized Employment Pass, S-Pass.
  • Children must be unmarried and age should be below 21 years
  • Investors/entrepreneurs must ready to invest to $2.5 million in Singapore with hard business background
  • Foreign investors ready to invest $10 million in Singapore along with a Net Asset of $20 million
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