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Singapore hub of French Cos!

More and more French multinational corporations are flocking to Singapore. The number of French firms has already crossed 1,000. Opulentus SingaporeWhat do the French find in Singapore? The low corporate and personal taxes, and non-existence of any capital gains tax, making the city state ideal for doing business. Personal tax in the highest slab of $320,000+ is as low as 20 per cent. In France, the taxes are too steep. The French multinationals and small and medium enterprises are increasingly preferring to set up their offices, Asian branches and R&D units as well in the city state. Besides, Singapore has a stable government, jobs for professionals are contract based, labor disputes are avoided, built-in safeguards exist for employers, labor strikes are rare, and the city state has wholesome infrastructure. Singapore has world famous chefs who can match the best of  French cuisine. The high density of population works well for offices, and week-end destinations are not far. Schooling is of high standards. What more can the French ask for when they can get their own wine and champagne. Besides, the big markets of China and India are a few hours flight from Singapore.

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