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Punishment for Crime in Singapore
Posted on: 01 Feb 2013  |   Tags: Singapore Corporal Punishment , Singapore Democracy ,

Even as a leader was waxing eloquent on introducing corporal punishment in Mainland China, Singaporean style of caning for creating public nuisance, the World Watch Report for 2013 points a finger at the city state for continuing with controls on free association. The report particularly focuses on severe restrictions being placed on civil society in the name of administered democracy. Opulentus SingaporeThere are rights all right, the report notes, but these are for those who toe the City State Government’s line, while the non-conformists are not allowed even to distribute leaflets and face a clutch of punishment, including bankruptcy, fines, travel bans and prison terms. Whatever be World Watch criticism, China secretly hails the disciplinarian approach of the Singapore’s rich comrades. A Guangzhou delegate at the recent the Chinese Communist Congress wanted caning and such other punishments to keep crime of Chinese streets.  He eulogized caning as more effective than even death penalty. He suggested caning had to be carried out in full for the deterrent to be effective. “If after two canings, somebody faints, no problem. Let him go home and come back to take the balance when he is well.” Not even death penalty then, but caning will ensure that no one breaks law,” the Chinese lawmaker said.

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