How To Migrate To Singapore On Singapore Work Permit

Singapore Work Permit Singapore has rolled out to be leading destination for ideal business and viable hub in Southeast Asia. The government of Singapore has provided various Singapore Work Permit schemes to allure overseas working entrepreneurs and professionals. The country’s embassy also structured inventive Singapore Work Permit policies to entice skilled professionals and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Singapore Work Permit: 

Singapore Work Permit is issued for the overseas nationals who wish to enter, reside and work in Singapore. Singapore is a prosperous and most eminent nation among the Southeast Asia nations. The country has steady economy and fourth most prosperous hub in the entire globe. Overseas nationals must obtain legal Singapore Work Permit prior to their entry to Singapore.

Requirements for Singapore work permit:

Applicants in order to acquire Singapore work permit must meet the essential requirements to reside and work in Singapore.

Applicants’ age must be at least 16 years to apply for Singapore work permit, as per the Employment Act.

  • Malaysians can apply for the Singapore work permit application, if their age is below 58 years, while for non-Malaysian applicants age must be under 50 years at the time of lodging a Singapore work permit application.
  • Employees must be from a standard source of nation to work in Singapore on work permit.

Singapore work permit application process:

To apply for Singapore work permit, applicants can apply either through manual or online. If the Singapore work permit application is submitted manually the minimum processing time may take nearly seven working days.  If the application is submitted through online, it may take single working day to process the Singapore work permit, whereas in compound cases such as Sponsorship, Joint Income or applications for which extra credentials were requested can take about seven working days. The processing time for Singapore work permit is subjected to change it often depends on applicants’ profile. Applicants after going through the Singapore work permit application process successfully, work permit will be granted by allowing them to legally stay and work in Singapore.

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