Tourist of Singapore undergoes fingerprint scan for security reason

Singapore is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Asia.  Many people around the globe came to Singapore with their families for holidaying. Now days the immigration policy of Singapore become strict due to security issues. The tourists have to undergo the finger print scan.

Singapore Immigration newsThe immigration authorities of Singapore set up the Bio screening system which will capture the fingerprints of the visitors during the time of arrival and departure. The process is being introduced only to enhance the security level.

Very soon the system is going to introduce. The check point’s security will verify the thumb prints of the tourist before entering and leaving the country. The system added by ICA underwent a successful trial at Tanah Me rah Ferry Terminal in previous year.

Many tourist have came Singapore to enjoy its climatic conditions and the natural beauties. It is one the most beautiful and calm place around the world. The country has good tradition, culture and heritage. The people of the country are also good. Now days many software companies setup their branches at Singapore, So it became a software hub of Asia.

The educational system of the country is also good. Many international universities are setup their branches there. Students from different countries are showing their interest to study in Singapore. The scholastic pattern of study in the universities of Singapore is really of international standard.  Many universities also provide the scholarship programs to the talented students to increase their confidence level.

Many software professional interested to reside at Singapore because of its low cost of living and hygienic environment. Here the carrier growths for skilled workers are also remarkable.

So for the safety and security the immigrant authorities have taken the step of introducing the thumb print scan system during the time of entry and exit.

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