Singapore introduce new immigration policy

Singapore one of the most beautiful places of Asia is now reforming its immigration policy for the visitors for the security reason. The new implemented policy may take a longer time for the usual visitors for the immigration clearance.

Singapore Immigration newsThe new introduce systems are the visitors have to undergo thumbprint scan or Bio screen system during upon the arrival and departure at the checkpoints. The republic’s immigration and checkpoint authority (ICA) has official declared it today. The new system will be effective from 20th April 2016 to on wards.

According to the new policy the traveler more than six years old will require both thumb print scan and bio screen scan during the time of entry and exit at the check points. Initially the woodlands and Tuas land are the checking points for the immigrants. The bio screen process will be conducted at the passenger halls.

Bio screen clearance will also be introduced for those travelling by car, bike and Lorries also. The new procedure may delay the immigration clearance for the tourist and travelers. The immigration and checkpoint authority will monitor the complete process of bio screen scan for the proper execution of the plan.

The report suggested that the system gradually implemented to the air checkpoints within a month interval. The system will more effective for the security of immigration issue. The system will decrease the immigration crime and illegal entry.

The citizens of people don’t have to undergo all these clearance procedure. The rule and regulations are not applicable for its own citizens. They have enhanced the automated clearance for both thumb print and bio screen scans.

Singapore generates the revenue from the tourist of nearby nations but sometimes many people illegally enter into the country which has created some antisocial activities. Hopefully the new systems able to solve all these issues

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