US always on top: Lee

Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister (actually known as the Sage of Singapore), has seen the transition of his city state from being one of the most corrupt places to one of the richest today by means of administered democracy. So when he says something, you will have to hear it in full attention. Now, Lee pooh-poohs the contention in many quarters that America is on a systemic decline.

Opulentus SingaporeLee contends: “America will not be reduced to second-rate status.  Historically, the U.S. has demonstrated a great capacity for renewal and revival.  America’s strengths include an ability to range widely, imaginatively, and pragmatically; a diversity of centers of excellence that compete in inventing and embracing new ideas and new technologies; a society that attracts talent from around the world and assimilates them comfortably as Americans; and a language that the lingua franca of those who rise to the top of their own societies around the world.”

The Sage of Singapore should know. He is like the typical American leader, tough talking and not hesitant in taking hard decisions. He did what American Presidents like the Bushes have done. Lee had introduced caning for throwing rubbish in the streets. That has made the Singaporeans strictly stick to their task of becoming millionaires. And today Singapore’s six million millionaires have more money than the Americans.

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