Tourist of Singapore undergoes fingerprint scan for security reason

Singapore Immigration news

Singapore is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Asia.  Many people around the globe came to Singapore with their families for holidaying. Now days the immigration policy of Singapore become strict due to security issues. The tourists have to undergo the finger print scan. The immigration authorities of Singapore set up the Bio […]

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Singapore: a promising study hub of South Asia

Singapore study visa

Singapore is one of the ideal education hubs for the overseas students by providing quality education and developing learning ability. Education in Singapore predominantly focuses on communicating factual and practical knowledge, completion of the curriculum, and preparing students for semester-end exams and national stakes exams. Now the numbers of overseas students are wishing to study […]

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Singapore -The Best Tourist Destination in Asia

Singapore is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The country is recognized as the best tourist destinations of Asia. Tourisim in Singapore is the major industry of the country.  Every year the numbers of tourist arrival in this country are gradually increasing.  Last year 15,231,469 tourists of different countries have been visited […]

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